Friday, June 30, 2017

Shout Out to @dj1mic

I used to scour the Death Row blogs looking for unreleased material, rarities, remixes, and pretty much anything I could kind of became an obsession which was all consuming...well back around 2010 I came across DJ 1Mic's definitive Death Row Collection somewhere and I just played the hell out of it...needless to say 1Mic and I linked up on Twitter not too long ago and he gave me some tapes which I really appreciate and hopefully I can get a backstory on that Death Row tape at some point...but here's some links for you guys for the time being...have a great weekend and enjoy

DJ 1Mic and Styles P - Army of Ghosts

Dj 1Mic - Rick Ross - Mafia Muzik (2010)

DJ 1Mic - Rick Ross - Mafia Music 3 (2016)

DJ 1Mic -Death Row Records - This is It (The Definitive Collection)

You can follow DJ 1Mic on Twitter here.

Public Enemy - Nothing is Quick in the Desert (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I was literally in the zone just a few minutes ago doing a West Coast DJ Mix with my DJ equipment on my laptop and when I changed songs I swiped the mousepad on my Chromebook to check Twitter and the first thing that came up was that Nas had reported a little while ago that Prodigy had passed away was kind of unusual because the file I went to play was a crappy one that sounded like someone was swiping at a turntable and I just shut the DJ program....I am still literally in shock....I new P had sickle cell anemia every since birth, but I just thought he was good at managing it...I never thought it would take him...just in shock and sick over the news....

That being said, I have to share the story of how I first got on to Mobb Deep....I really got into rap at the height of the East Coast-West Coast feud around was in 96 that I first heard Hit em Up and after that I wouldn't listen to anything from the East Coast...but in early 97 I remember B.I.G.'s Life After Death changed the way I felt about East Coast rap for some reason...nevertheless I was at a friend's smoking blunts and was looking through his cassette collection and I stumbled across a cassette of The Infamous and I asked him if I could borrow it...I took it home lit up another blunt and put it in my cassette player and it was on from there...I really liked it and I have been a fan of tha Mobb since then...I had people ask me how I could be a fan of 2Pac and like Mobb Deep and I would just laugh... it was like Pac and BIG were still alive and everyone that Pac threw under the bus on Hit em Up were enemies and I'm sure a lot of people on the West Coast might have felt that way, but not me...

My heart goes out to P's family...I know that it couldn't have been easy to have an illness like sickle cell since birth...that's why we have to appreciate people while they are still here...P gave so much of himself to hip hop so may he forever rest in peace...

Royce da 5'9" - C Dolores

Justo - The Council (PRODUCED BY SHOWBIZ)

The Pharmacy Episode 48 Playlist

Cypress Hill - Reefer Man (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ice Cube - Good Cop Bad Cop

One of three new tracks on Cube's upcoming 25th anniversary edition of Death Certificate.... shout to Nah Right...